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"Todos Somos Huillo" needs your support to help those children have their own place where they can get appropriate musical approach.

We believe from our personal experience with huillo that once you discover your children's abilities, they can promote themselves and start developing their own skills. It can be through music, art or whatever else. We will always recommend things that involve music.

Here in the site you will find all sorts of products that we make and put on for sale. Every donation and every product that you buy is a step to help Huillo improves his music abilties and music career.

With your help, we can provide them a musical journey to guide them how to express their skills and how to get along in their daily life.


Imagine we can take some other kids to see Coldplay concerts. Join us! Help us with your donations.

We are waiting for you… and remember Huillo is a state of mind. Huillo is each and every one of us.


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