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Our Purpose

Not many of you know that, but every year the number of people who were diagnosed on the autistic spectrum is approximately 10% of the world wide population.


Every 1 of 68 children is diagnosed within the autistic spectrum – it means that one of your family\ friends\ partners\ co-workers\ fellow-citizens\ customers\ neighbors is autistic. Many of them don't get the appropriate kind of therapy and by ignoring that little detail, they lose their rights to promote themselves.

Our main purpose is to build a music school where kids can get special approach based on their individual musical skills and talents (our wish is that every person will have a one on one accompanying from his first stage until they get complete musical independence). A music school that everybody can join no matter their condition is.

Besides that we want to create a group of Coldplayer's (fans of Coldplay) that will participate in Coldplay's concerts every year.

We hope that with the good will from both sides – parents with ASD children and parents with neurotypical children, we will expose them to acceptance and inclusion.

It's time to open our minds!

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