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About Us

Hola Amigos!

We are Luis and Sandra and we are the parents of an incredible 13 years old hero named Huillo who is on the ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder).

Since Huillo was 4 years old, he had been diagnosed in several ways within the spectrum and last time the doctors told us that he is defined as HFA (High-Functioning Autism). Me and Sandra don't really know what it means, we are not experts… we are parents. In our opinion, our job is to make sure that our children's needs are being provided.

I, Sandra and Huillo had rough periods every time we faced the education system here in Mexico. We found ourselves dealing with educated people who get terrified with words like – "Autism", "Autistic" or "Special needs". Each and every one of them almost left me and Sandra very confused, deep down inside and we knew that their ways of estimating Huillo's situation are wrong.

Over the years we have always been supporting him through some special therapies that worked for the short term, without any significant and expected progress.

Once we found Huillo's desire, we noticed that every step in the progress becomes bigger than the other one.

Huillo loves music and Coldplay is his favorite band – for Huillo, music is the most important therapy, it has so much power. With every step that we take, we can actually see how it affects him – becoming more social, speaking and communicating much better with others around him. In the end of the day the love, the acceptance and the music keep Huillo happy and this is what I and Sandra wish for.

We invite you to take part in this trip, open your mind and together try to do some magic by changing people minds, make society and education system integrate them having more acceptance and inclusion for these special boys and girls.

For us, everything started that day at the Coldplay's concert.

Feel from your heart!

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